Adrіаnа Kаrеmbеυ in Jυly Plаybоy

Most people know her only as the original Wonderbra spokesmodel. Fashionistas know her as the model with the longest legs in the world. The rest of us will know supermodel Adrіаnа Kаrеmbеυ as the reason Playboy magazine is worth a peek this month.

Check it out here.


Bаd Mаgаzіnе!

The cover of this month's FHM is an attack on all women who share their beauty and sexuality with the rest of us, and on all the men who appreciate them for it.

Body in Mind has always been dedicated to admiring female beauty, and our purpose is to establish the moral goodness in it, as well as the moral value of the beautiful women out there who share it with all of us - women like Cаrmеn Elеctrа, who has been betrayed, along with all women who are benevolent and brave enough to let us admire them, by the cover of this month's FHM, which depicts Mіss Elеctrа half naked with the words BAD GIRL! as caption.

Our credo has never been more relevent :

"Down through history female beauty has been seen as superficial and sleazy, with inner workings that are suspicious and sinister in nature. Beautiful women have paid the price for this view. They have been ridiculed and butchered, both by individual madmen and by entire civilizations.

"We have a different idea.

"We believe that female beauty is, in fact, a grand and glorious thing to which every one of us owes our lives, and that beautiful women are often, but not always, among God's sweetest and noblest creatures, inspiring love, not violence, morality, not depravity, braving derision and sometimes overwhelming condemnation in order to share with us a simple, but priceless gift: their beauty. "

Let us stress this point : it is NOT Mіss Elеctrа's marvellous nudity we object to. It is the idea that sharing her great beauty somehow makes her bad, i.e. immoral. To label as immoral such a generous and beautiful act as displaying your body to the world is the basest betrayal possible of all that is good and brave and beautiful and dear.

But if the disastrous spiritual effects of betrayals like FHM's do not seem real enough to you, perhaps you'd care to read about some of the physical results of labeling beautiful women as bad, results like serial killers and virgin sacrifice. You can read about them here.

Like most men's magazines, FHM seems more than happy to sell beautiful women down the moral river, and themselves and their livelihoods right along with them. Time and again we've demonstrated the connection between morality and beauty and magazine sales - the more moral a man feels looking at a nude woman, the more beauty he perceives and the more money he'll spend to feel that way. But there's a greater danger here than FHM losing sales. If we accept the idea that beautiful women who pose nude are bad, then we encourage those who will pass laws against them, and against the magazines that feature them.

If, however, you'd like to continue being able to admire women like Cаrmеn Elеctrа nude, there's a very simple idea you must understand. If women on the covers of our magazines, or the women being stoned in the streets around the world, are ever to be safe, it is the idea that women and their sexuality are bad that we must overturn.

Bad girl?

No. Bad magazine.

See the cover here.

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Nеw Jеrі Ryan pix by Antоіnе Vеrglаs

The only good thing to come of the cancellation of Stаr Trеk Voyager is that stunning Jеrі Ryаn, easily the most amazing body on television of all time, is back in circulation. Although currently appearing on Bоstоn Pυblіc as a teacher, one gets the feeling Jeri is testing the waters for interest in putting her into films. We hope she makes it. In the meantime, though, we look forward to seeing her in many more pictorials like this one.

To check out all this month's magazine covers, featuring among others, Dеnіsе Rіchаrds and Nаtаlіе Pоrtmаn, click here.

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Thе Wіnnеr of the 2002 Mіss Unіvеrsе Pageant is...not men

Mіss Rυssіа is the new Mіss Unіvеrsе. Check out the photos here. The only noteworthy thing about the show last night was the obvious pattern in the selection of the final 5 of the 10 semi-finalists: the 5 girls with breasts did NOT make it to the final round. Have a look at the photos of the 5 finalists. Not a boob in the bunch.

Every year the Mіss Unіvеrsе contest finds a new way to dissappoint me. But then, it's not really made for men now is it? None of the beauty contests are. No guy is going to tune is to see Rіcky Mаrtіn or Mаrc Anthоny sing now are they? It's a sad state we've arrived at when female beauty is no longer for men. Maybe that's why so many men end up turning to pornography. It's not for the sex. It's for the beauty.

If feminists really wanted to get rid of pornography, they'd be all for beauty contests. But then they'd have nothing to complain about, would they?


Bеаυtіfυl Isrаеlі Women

A few days ago SALTYT posted some pictures of Isareli model Kіm Iglіnksky.

Israel is producing all the world class beauties these days. At least it seems that way. The latest is Nаtаlіе Pоrtmаn who stars in the lastest Stаr Wаrs flick. She gives this film a dimension the others in the series lack, namely, loveliness - a beauty as watchable and memorable as the special effects.

Here's the best photo we could find. Here's another.

Then there's Yаmіt Hаr-Noy, Mіss Isrеаl in the 2002 Mіss Unіvеrsе contest tonight. She's our early favourite. Here's a look at her.

Now, there's Bаr Rеfаеlі, a 17-year old Israeli model who is poised for fame and fortune.

We've always loved Isreal. Now we have even more reason to.

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Mіss Unіvеrsе 2002

Just a reminder that the Mіss Unіvеrsе 2002 pageant is on CBS tonight, May 29, at 9 PM. Click here for a sneak peak.

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Pretty skimpy bikini shots of Czech model Zυzаnа Lіndеmаnn

Wаndа Pоlаk has just done some nice new bikini shots of Zυzаnа Lіndеmаnn for SabbiaMare. Few women look better in - or out - of a bathing suit. Click here to see them.

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Jеnnіfеr Lоvе Hewitt likes to show off her bod

We've always liked Jеnnіfеr Lоvе Hewitt's body, but now we love her mind too.

It seems she loves to show off her body and thinks more stars should. She's eager to make audiences happy by squeezing herself into skimpy outfits.

Now that's an attitude we wished everyone had. Way to be Jen! Read what she has to say about it at IMDB.

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Dеnіsе Rіchаrd's white ass

If you've been to the theatre lately you've doubtless noticed Dеnіsе Rіchаrd's curvaceous bottom in the posters for her latest movie, Undеrcоvеr Brоthеr. It's the kind of perfection you can't stop sneaking peaks at.

Appаrеntly Dеnіsе is not amused. It seems her perfect caboose is the result of some computer enhancement. "That's not my ass", she says, "It's a computer". One thing's for sure, Denise's digitally sculpted derriere is the only excitement this flick will ever generate.

See it here.

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Double "D" Parade at Page 3

Many of the most beloved and beautiful buxom babes got their start on page 3 of the British tabloids. Here's a look down mammary lane. (I'm such a funny guy.)

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Barbie is a serious babe

Body in Mind is about female beauty, and we've always considered Barbie - the fashion model doll for girls - to be a crucially important part of it. Over the years we've done many pages on her successes, failures, trials and tribulations. Sure she has beauty and brains, but she is also the most attacked beauty in the world, taking cheap shots from almost everyone, and actually having laws passed against her!

Barbie is significant because her fate is the same thing that awaits all the real beautiful women of the world, if our views on the morality of female beauty don't change. If you doubt it consider what is happening right now in Iran.

Out of fear for their lives, shopkeepers in Iran are frantically removing Barbie from their shelves. Recent government edicts have made it clear that Barbie - and her uncovered beauty - will not be tolerated.

The backlash against beauty continues...

Read about it here.

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Kіm Iglіnsky

Some nice new pictures of Israeli beauty Kіm Iglіnsky in French mag GLOSS. See them at SALTYT here.


Vеrоnіcа Zеmаnоvа

The absolutely super beautiful Vеrоnіcа Zеmаnоvа is the number 1 nude model on the web, at least according to our Body in Mind search logs. It seems that more people are looking for images of her than of all other beauties combined. We can think of no better spokesmodel for superbeauty than Veronica. So then, for all you guys looking for new nude pictures of her, click here.

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Nеw Bоdy in Mіnd Bаnnеr

Here's a new Body in Mind banner for anyone out there who wants to link to us. Don't forget to tell us who you are so we can link back. Remember: The more sites that link to you, the higher your search engine rankings will be. Email us here:

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Mоmеntоυs Bеаυty

1 naked woman, 1 house, 1 roll of film, 1 half an hour. This is what a group of Toronto-based photographers were recently given to create a masterpiece. The show is Naked in the House.

Naked is a friendly competition - as 'beauty' friendly as TV gets - which means it didn't edit out the beautiful naked parts. Yay.

As photographers ourselves, we couldn't help but imagine what we would do if given the chance to join the competition. Personally, I believe a concept always makes for better photos since the mind must be involved to create beauty. I like the idea of simply depicting the model doing various mundane things that a woman might naturally do nude around the house. I would try to capture those moments we men all know about but women do not - those moments when women simply recline to read a newspaper after a shower, or turn to look at us in the morning light before they get dressed and we curse ourselves for not having a camera handy. Out of desperation we attempt to commit these beautiful moments to our 'photographic' memory. Oddly enough, this can actually work. We men can carry these images around in our minds for years.

But until someone invents a mind recording device, celluloid is the only way to share these images with others. And this is exactly what photographer Stеvеn Lυnglеy has done.

Cleverly and candidly, Lungley has captured in his photographs what is rarely seen and even more rarely communicated : the beauty of a woman in a single moment. What we call Momentous Beauty.

Lungley and his models generously share all of these moments with us on his website. You can enjoy them here.

We did.

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Thе Grеаtеst Gift

I've always said that the human mind is what makes female beauty possible. Part of the proof is the fact that men get bored with pictures of nude women, so much so that every month they need to buy a new nudy magazine or check our their favourite nudy site in order to get their beauty fix.

The reason for this is the fact that men must supply the mental content for the women they love to look at naked. They must imagine what a nude model is thinking in order to get excited by her. They imagine that she is thinking what they want her to be thinking. In fact, the real work of a nude photographer is to create an image that allows men to think their most treasured thoughts. For example, Christian men want to be able to think that the Playboy centerfold they're looking at loves God as much as they do. Or, a man who loves sports wants to believe she does too. Myself, I like to think she is smart and deep. Anything in the photo that makes it easier to think these things, makes the photo more beautiful to us.

Eventually, though, the novelty of any thought wears off, and we lose our ability to project it onto a nude model, and the beauty of a photo of her fades.

I recently stumbled upon a photoset of a sweet looking blond girl happily showing us the beauty of her pretty body. Nоw I'm sure most of the men out there will have no trouble coming up with their own intriguing thoughts to put into her head, but I have a thought I'd like you to try out, so you can see what I'm talking about.

Think of the fact that when a pretty girl shows her nude body in a photo she is deciding to allow each and every man in existence and in the future to see her naked body whenever he wants, forever. She cannot change her mind later on. The photo is done, and she is naked in it. Nothing can ever change that once it is taken. Yet these girls give us this incredible gift, happily, gracefully, and without doubts or fears.

If you're like me, whenever you look at a woman posing nude, and you remember this, you will feel an intense kind of gratitude that makes the words 'thank you' seem like an insulting afterthought. How can there ever be a greater gift for any human being to give another?

The women who show us their bodies are not just adorable, they are infinitely precious.

Remember this the next time you look at a woman posing nude. See if she doesn't seem just a little more beautiful as a result.

Here's a great photoset to experiment on at Xpose.

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Springtime blossom

It's come to be a bit of a joke around here. Every year we try to do a photo shoot of a beautiful woman against the exuberant backdrop of blossoming springtime fruit trees, and every year - for one reason or another - we fail. This year is no exception.

We had our delightfully gorgeous and playful model Sandy booked for the shoot, and an ideal location picked out and lined up. But come shoot day, the trees were uncooperative. They'd decided to hold off blossoming until Sandy was no longer available.

So instead of decorating this month's page with rotating images of Sandy in front of blossing crab apple and cherry trees, we photographed her in front of a huge budding willow. Not quite the same. But, you know, when I look at these photos now, I don't really mind. Sandy is the only blossom anyone could ever need to create a beautiful springtime photograph.

Thаnks Sаndy, for once again bringing so much beauty and delight onto our pages, and into our lives.


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Women enjoy nudity too

It's a shame we live in a society where the idea that women enjoy nudity - even the nudity of other women - is strange. But of course they do, and always have. WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL! Surely men aren't the only ones who've noticed.

The latest DOMAI newsletter is out and it contains a letter and some photos of a woman who is not afraid to say so.

Click here to check it out.

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Shе's Mаgіc

She's been called Amеrіcа's Sеxіеst Magician.

Mаrіа Gаrа is also a Wеb Mоdеl, Fire-Eater, and Exоtіc Anіmаl Handler.

But her real appeal, at least for we thinking men, besides her amazing body, is her remarkable brain.

She introduces her website,, thusly: This sexy site features exotic pictures of two of the most misunderstood animals in the world. Snakes and Bеаυtіful Wоmеn.

There's lots of sexy pictures on her site, although you'll have to pay for most of them, but the real treat was reading her interviews, which you can read here, in which she deftly and admirably answers some truly cutting questions, such as:

You said you wouldn't do nude photos then you say you will for a million bucks. You're selling out.

Don't you think you are hurting women and magic by being overly sexy?

Your just using you body to make money, your a slut.

You can read Maria's brilliant answers here.

And if you're the kind of guy who is attracted to babes with brains, you can check out her galleries here.

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Jеn Hіltоn just got even more amazing

One of our favourite people around these days is Vancouver model and entrepreneur Jеn Hіltоn. Not only is she gorgeous, as any of our regular visitors will tell you, but she creates weekly photosets that are some of the best out there these days, bar none!

Now she's gone and blown our minds again. She has started up her own modeling agency called Bеllе Modеls, and from the looks of it, it shows incredible promise. If we had a little venture capital we'd be investing in it ourselves!

And as if that's not enough, Jen has also started up her own online web magazine called Cіnnаmyn Mаgаzinе. This is a delightful webzine that features Jen and her models serving up a whole lot of fun, beauty and fashion advice, as well as serious tips for photographers and wannabe models. Cinnamyn will surely be one of the most popular teen stops on the i-way.

And last, but not least, here's Jen's latest superb free photo set.

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What if it was possible to allow women to firmly establish control over their own bodies without hiding their glorious physical beauty?

It is.

Click here to read - and see - how.

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Any news, photos or websites to tell us about? Click here.



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