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Lycia, angel face

In spite of her youth, Lycia has not had an easy run of it so far. On occasion she has dizzy spells so I made sure to keep her topped up with fizzy drinks and sweets on our recent shoot. It will not have escaped your notice that she is blessed with a larger than average chest, which, although beautiful, has led to much unwanted attention, particularly from school bullies in her formative years. Lycia tells me the girls started this but used to cajole and encourage the boys to join in too! A clear case of jealousy giving rise to beauty shaming and beauty hating over a feature entirely beyond the control of the individual. Here at BiM we abhor such behaviour and we are only too delighted to be able to showcase the passion and personality of the most beautiful women in the world, like Lycia, who has put up with so much yet manages to stay positive, enthusiastic, and ambitious about her future in modelling. These are the sort of inspirational people we like to work with - the beauty happening in the body and the magic going on in the mind. In the words of the Steve Miller Band, "black panties with an angel face". We welcome Lycia to BodyInMind. -James Watson More...

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