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Rhіаn Sυgdеn on Body in Mind

Body in Mind focuses exclusively on maximizing female beauty, and attracts the best photographers and models from all over the world shooting beautiful, non-sexual nudes. Continuing in the pinup tradition of the 40s, cheesecake of the 50s, Playboy of the 60s-70s and Supermodels of the 80s, Body in Mind re-introduced this focus to the 90s. Tоdаy Bоdy in Mind consistently features the most uplifting, spirited, wholesome, non-sexual female nudes around. We call them 'super nudes'. And who better to grace our pages than the topless tabloid super models who are so popular in the UK? First came Nіkkаlа Stоtt, then Mіchеllе Mаrsh, Pеtа Tоdd, Zυzаnа Drаbіnоvа, and now the newest of the crop, Rhіаn Sυgdеn, destined to become one of the biggest. Enjoy them all, as nude as they get, regularly on Body in Mind. More...

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