"This is surely the best set Rhian has ever done in her career - sexy, revealing and beautifully photographed"
– chilled67 (Body in Mind member) Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 19:50:50
Think beautiful - bodyinmind.com beauty is good

Why fear female beauty?

A recent email asked us "Why is female beauty feared?". "Feared?!", you might laugh. Actually, yes. When something is villified and mocked as often as female beauty is in our culture and society it is never because it is truly stupid, but because it is feared. For example why do we need to hear over and over what bimbos beautiful women are? No one makes fun of the mentally challenged for example. So we will take this question seriously. Female beauty is feared for many reasons but mostly because it makes us want it, which means we are required by it to try to achieve it, which means we have to think of a way to do that, and thinking is damn difficult. Thinking - even more than female beauty - is the most villified and abhored thing to we humans - most would rather die than think, which is why death and the future of mankind comes to be mentioned in the same breath with it in many cases. This is the full picture, the other half of the modern ethos, the positive half, that female beauty is treated like a threat to all that is wholesome and good because in fact female beauty is all that is wholesome and good and is a threat to all that is bad and wrong. People fear female beauty, not because it's evil or destructive, but because it's good, and because you have to think to see that. More...

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