"Wow incredibly hot, her ass is amazing and if she was my teacher, I'd never take my eyes off it!"
– Dave (Body in Mind member) Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 7:28:32
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Pеytоn Prіеstly: lessons in female beauty

With most schools closing for the summer break we are reminded that there is one subject that is never taught in schools that should be: female beauty. Instead we all - men, women, and children - learn a negatively distorted view of female beauty through our culture at large. Women are taught that possessing female beauty will make them both the most admired and despised creatures on earth. Men learn that looking at beautiful women makes them disloyal to other women and admiring sexy women makes them r@pists. Children learn that female beauty and sexuality are so dangerous that simply looking at them will fuck them up or life. Maybe summer should be a time when we teach ourselves and our children the truth about female beauty. For example, men need to learn that there is nothing wrong with liking to look at beautiful women and that defending women is one of the things that makes them men. Children instinctively admire female beauty so all they have to be taught is that it is a fairy tale meant to inspire us, not a textbook. And finally, rather than admiring or despising beauty in others, women need to learn to admire the women who put it to good use and despise those who thwart that good use. And finally we all need to remember - if not learn - that the earth itself is a beautiful place, due at least in part to the wondrous beauty of women. More...

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