"As lovely as Nikkala is wow it would seem great to show all her wonders along with all this beauty -! "
– Lars (Body in Mind member) Sun, Jan 25, 2015 at 3:16:08
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Coffee break with Nikkala Stott

It's a sleepy morning in southern Nevada. The sun slips through the distant mountains and casts a warm glow on the desert sand. This is the Nevada you don't see from the Vegas Strip - the parched land of desperate beauty. Rocks soar above the reddish clay spotted with dry scraps of scattered plant life. The house itself is a respite from the heat, its pale stucco walls and cool terra cotta tiles providing protection from the blazing sun. One set just finished, Nikkala comes through the door, sipping the last of her morning coffee, her blue eyes cast out over the desert vista, eternity reflected in their depths. We'll never know what she's really thinking - but we can share this quiet moment with her as she enjoys the feel of the sun on her body. She accepts our admiration the way the desert welcomes a cool breeze. We'll continue shooting in a moment...but not quite yet... More...

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