"Lissy what a sweet-hot lady you are, your bod is so lean curvy and sexy! It's nice to see too in pix like 129 that you've got such a nice butt too!"
– Lars (Body in Mind member) Thu, Jan 8, 2015 at 1:43:42
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Lіssy Cυnnіnghаm: raising the beauty bar

When beauty-hating feminists complain that models have no real talent and represent the most vacuous facets of our culture they hope to encourage people to look down on models. But what these whiners invariably accomplish is to cause the beauty bar to be set even higher. Since models rarely have only the one talent (and yes beauty is a talent) demands that women depicted in the media represent ALL skills, talents & abilities that women can possibly have, photos will start to appear of beautiful models doing amazing things, such as being photographers or athletes or PhD's etc. When these images of beautiful AND brilliant women start to trend, the cultural expectation that ALL achieving women be as beautiful as models actually INCREASES! After all, when we become surrounded with images of beautiful women like Angеlіnа Jоlіе getting a pre-emptive mastectomy, Olіvіа Wіldе breastfeeding in public, or Page3 girls cycling across India for charity aren't they setting a standard that the average woman has to meet to be considered impressive? Beauty is as much a talent as athletics or the arts. True natural talent in those areas is as rare as natural beauty and all professions require dedication, savvy and pure will to succeed, including modeling. If women truly don't want to raise the beauty bar any higher than it already is they should be promoting the idea that beauty is a real talent in itself, that a woman doesn't have to have multiple talents to possess beauty, and that like athleticism or literary genius, not all women can or should be expected to possess it. We've seen beauty become more and more important in our culture for decades to the point where today it is out-of-reach for most women. But believe it or not it's not those who admire & defend beauty who are responsible. It's the people who demand that our definition of beauty actually be EXPANDED that are making it happen. More...

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