"What a lovely face, eyes, and expression you give Linda! Beautiful! "
– Lars (Body in Mind member) Sun, Sep 27, 2015 at 3:35:09
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Looking up

We hear a lot of people telling us to look down these days, to notice the less fortunate, to serve others, to give back, to be kind to the earth, to do it for the children, etc etc. The people telling us this are the kind of humanitarians who claim to be moved by human suffering but are never upset by stories of people who have suffered purely personal loss. Rather, they smile wryly, knowingly, like recruiters for some perverse army who know perfectly well that misfortune is their best recruiter. Neither are they moved by stories of those who have sacrificed their dreams to help others. They listen to such stories with resentment. Such people are better recruiters than they are. Body in Mind is different. Thіs Nеw Year we say look up, see the horizon full of possibilities, set your aim high and choose lofty goals for your own personal fulfilment. See yourself not in the bitter gratitude of those willing to accept your sacrifice and suffering, but in the history books. Do something great. Do it for yourself, and don't let any humanitarian or his hordes stop you. Look up, without reservation, and those around you will too. You might even catch the eye of a girl like Linda. More...

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