"If her body isn't perfect I don't know what it is, wow what a treat! "
– Sean (Body in Mind member) Sat, Jan 15, 2011 at 22:10:51
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Dripping with raw beauty

Can a woman have a perfect body? One would tend to say no, until one lays eyes on Linda, that is. We removed all the fancy backgrounds, distracting clothing, creative lighting, and cool props that normally find their way into nude photos of beautiful women because we wanted you to focus all your attention on the raw physical beauty of Linda's body. Just a light sprinkling of cold water is all it took to get the details to 'pop'. For we grown up males, this is like visiting Nirvana, a magical landscape, where we forget ourselves. A place of perfect beauty - the goal of all philosophies, mathematics, art, and sex. The sublime through the physical. More...

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