"Laura is a natural beauty. Very sweet. "
– Donna (Body in Mind member) Sun, Dec 11, 2011 at 1:33:45
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Lаυrа Chrіstіnа: Daydream

Very occasionally, we'll receive an email from someone who joined our site and was disappointed. He was expecting more 'erotica' he says - meaning he wants porn but wants it wrapped in the moral sanction of a tasteful nude site. He was expecting more explicit photos, he says - meaning he wants graphic images of spread-eagled women, because if he doesn't see labia, nothing else matters. What baffles us, frankly - aside from how dim-witted someone would have to be to think bodyinmind is a porn site - is how blind to beauty some modern men are. How can any red-blooded man look at a hundred topless or nude images of a truly beautiful, vital, sensual woman and be 'disappointed'? What thought process goes through a mind like that? Does he think to himself 'she's more beautiful than any woman I've ever encountered or will encounter, she's happy and courageous and free-spirited, and she's proudly showing me her naked body, but I think I can do better"? If this is what modern men have been duped into thinking by the sheer tonnage of porn images available these days, that's the real disappointment. Beauty is meant to be savored and enjoyed, cherished and valued - if a woman who used to live only in your daydreams can now smile at you from your computer monitor, be gracious enough to appreciate her. And if the thousands of porn sites out there aren't enough to satisfy you, maybe beauty is precisely what you need after all. More...

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