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The "evil" eye

A mix of sexuality and morality creates the phenomenon we call female beauty. This formula extends even to the beauty of the face, and to the soul of the face, the eyes. If you look carefully you will see that all of the most beautiful supermodels have one "good" eye and one "bad" eye, that is, one eye fully open and the other slightly squinted. This puts the lie to the popular idea that symmetry is what makes a woman's face beautiful. What makes a woman's face beautiful is the mix of morality and sexuality represented, for example, by her two eyes. The "good" eye represents morality, the "bad", sexuality. If you don't believe me, try covering one side of almost any model's face, and then the other, and see if you don't agree that one side of their faces looks angelic, the other a little sly. You might see what I mean in this set of the incredibly beautiful Klaudia. But even if you don't, you have to admit her eyes are not symmetrical, yet she's perfectly beautiful. And now you know why. More...

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