101 poster-size photos by Chris Ruegge

It starts with one flower

In the older version of the Whole Earth Catalog writer Ann Herbert had a little blurb on each page. The one I remember said something like "Create meaningless beauty and commit random acts of kindness." While we despise the idea that beauty is - or could ever be - pointless, and equally despise the injustice of helping those who don't deserve it at the expense of those who do, we also believe that the spirit of this advice is well meant, that it is singing the praises of a benevolent view towards our fellow man, and that it recognizes the value of things like this. It's perhaps the single best reason we've ever seen to love the humans. And it makes us remember another thing we think Ann Herbert said, "Sing out so those around you might hear your song and take heart". A garden starts with one flower; a song with one bird. Body in Mind says simply, "Think beautiful", and there's nothing meaningless about it, because beauty is the greatest kindness of all.

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