"Yea a very pretty taller girl with lovely generous pointy boobs!"
– Lars (Body in Mind member) Fri, Aug 14, 2015 at 2:20:08
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Every girl's dream

I watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on TV last night, and to my surprise I actually enjoyed it. In spite of the network's warnings that the show might contain content harmful to children I was impressed with the princess, fairy, and angel costumes it featured. In spite of the newsflash beforehand demonizing Wayne Gretsky's daughter for posting some cute "lingerie" photos of herself online I admired the mind-blowingly beautiful models happily strutting their stuff. And in spite of a decade of denunciations in Western media since 9/11 at the same target as that of militant Islam: sexy women in the media, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has survived. The reason is because human dreams - and that includes the dreams of little girls and women - are not a dangerous luxury or extravagant indulgence. Dreams are absolutely necessary for human survival. Without them, we lose our way, wither, and die. So the only question really is: are we going to embrace and encourage little girl's dreams, or are we going to continue to vilify them and insist they adopt the dreams of men instead, risking the entire future of humankind? The Victoria's Secret Fashion show is perhaps the only popular voice shamelessly offering dreams left in today's culture. More...

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