"Kelly my dear you look best when you are naked! Your lovely body would be a beautiful work of art if exhibited in a museum. You have amazing curves! I think you look most beautiful when you are naked wearing only those black high heel pumps. I love that!"
– Mark (Body in Mind member) Wed, May 1, 2013 at 2:45:57
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Kеlly Hаll: it's better naked

Have you ever noticed that some women look better in clothes and some look better naked? They are all beautiful of course, but some, like fashion models, seem made for clothes, and clothes seem made for them. Take them out of their clothes and somehow they don't seem as glamourous. Take some bikini models out of their swimsuits and they just don't seem as voluptuos as they did on the cover of that magazine. Yes clothes can hide "flaws" or accent a woman's assets but put the same clothes on some other women - curvy and voluptuous women like Kelly - and somehow they fail to make her look any better. The clothes might very well be her size but they just don't "fit". Kelly has the kind of gorgeous body that belongs on a statue in an art museum. Such beauty never looks better covered up; clothes just aren't made for art models. Men often fantasize about a world where women are all naked. But the truth is some women look better naked and some look better dressed. From an aesthetic point of view we're grateful for them all, and certainly from a freedom standpoint women should be able to be as dressed or undressed as they like. But let's not forget that the human body is a bit of a miracle and that dressed or undressed it is worth looking at and enjoying for its own sake. More...

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