"And what an awesome pair of knockers you have Kelly! All the better with that bod, where's the video??"
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Kеlly Hаll: female freedom fighter

Recently a British MP stood up in parliament to denounce Page 3. She held up a topless photo of Kеlly Hаll and demanded Page 3 be banned from Parliament. It was a publicity stunt on behalf of NOMOREPAGE3.org, which consists of more than a hundred thousand people who denounce Page 3 as depraved and dangerous. Also recently, Britain welcomed Mаlаlа Yоυsυfzаі, a 14-year-old Pakistani girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban for her belief that girls should have the right to attend school. The attack on Malala did not go unnoticed half way around the world. However, the attack on Kеlly Hаll went unnoticed right in her own country. She was being held up and condemned as an example of public indecency. How many of us could laugh that off as Kelly has so admirably done? In fact, the models who pose for Page 3 are routinely verbally attacked like this for doing nothing more than being topless and smiling and being a placeholder for women's freedom. France, on the other hand, understands, and has just honored FEMEN, their topless female freedom fighters on a postage stamp, as part of their July celebrations of la Marianne, their national symbol of independence, a topless woman leading the people out of tyranny and into freedom. FEMEN fight injustice against women by fighting for ownership of their bodies, beauty and sexuality and the right to use them as they please. In Brіtаіn this battle is being fought by Page 3 and the models who pose for it. Daily they must duck the pot shots taken at them by other women and by their countries leaders. Of course all of these women, Malala, FEMEN, and PAGE 3 are amazing and deserve to be honored as heroes. And while it seems to take a actual bullet or arrest to get people's attention these days, the Page 3 girls definitely take more than their share of abuse. Besides, who are the real heroes in any war? The once wounded? Those taken prisoner? Or the grunts in the trenches getting shot at every single day? We hope Britain will wake up and realize that it has the latest heroes of the British women's movement right within its own shores, and that Page 3 girls are female freedom fighters of the highest order who deserve at least a knighthood, if not a stamp. How long can Page 3 hold out under so much abuse and derision? Well, one thing's for sure, they could hold out a lot longer if they had our support, and our respect. Vive la Marianne! Get well soon Malala. And Gоd bless Kеlly Hаll and all the Page 3 girls. More...

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