"Woo-hoo oh yeah, a pretty girl and hot beautiful boobs like that showing up on the 911 scene, yeah!"
– George (Body in Mind member) Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 3:16:55
Think beautiful - bodyinmind.com beauty is good

Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn: paramedic

The connections between health and female beauty are many: from ancient fertility goddesses to the modern theory of genetic health. If this connection is real, it would follow that any healthy society should revere female beauty. It should also worry us that there are no such societies today. This is one of the reasons we created Body in Mind. We wanted to show what such a society might look like, a sort of blueprint, or inspiration for a healthier tomorrow. We know female beauty can motivate us towards our values, including health. It inspires us, it uplifts our souls, and this positive mental state has been shown to directly influence physical health. A topless paramedic might not be the most practical solution, but it's way more practical than trying to live without positive images of female beauty. Lеt Hаylеy-Marie jump start your heart. More...

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