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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn: naked is no big deal

We came across this set of photos the other day, a set we had almost forgotten about it. It was taken during our lunch break when we shot Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn, who gamely agreed to let us document the adventure and go around topless while doing it. It was a lot of fun to try to get photos inside the restaurant without attracting the attention of the very conservative owners, and the looks of the faces of the passersby behind us were utterly priceless. I think we made those guys' whole year. But it was also very telling in many other ways. We were outside for perhaps fifteen minutes total, Hayley-Marie was clothed except for her open jacket, and yet, as she and Leanne took photos by a crosswalk, a woman in a mini-van rolled down her window and shouted 'That's not appropriate, ladies. I'm calling the police.' This is perhaps a perfect microcosmic example of what it's like to be a beautiful woman in today's world. You have to sneak, you make a few people very, very happy, and you get women trying to sick the authorities on you. All because your breasts are showing. One day the world won't turn on whether a woman is wearing her shirt or not. Until then we've got Hayley-Marie, brave enough to ignore all the problems associated with merely going topless for fifteen minutes on a rainy day. We thought you'd enjoy this little glimpse of the world is really like for topless women. More...

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