"Actually good set all together. I like the shots where she has the top on, but no bottom. Though I do like to see her perfect breasts too."
– Mark (Body in Mind member) Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 13:43:02
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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn - lots and lots of nudes

There is no porn on Body in Mind. Never has been; never will. Just nudes, lots and lots of nudes. The difference is that porn is primarily sexual, while beauty - the goal of our nudes - is primarily about values. Depraved people don't care about values so they don't care about beauty. Such people see only the shortest path to sexual gratification - and they see values as an obstacle to it. But to those who care about values - about purpose in life, about doing the right thing, about being a good person - beauty is more important than sex because beauty can inspire us to achieve those values. For good people, it is the attainment of values that leads to the love of another, and the love of another that is the surest way to sexual gratification. Porn leads to desolate joyless sex; beauty - be it inside or out - leads to romance, great sex, and love. More...

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