"Hayley, You have natural beauty that flows out of you in such a gentle and graceful way like a soft light that is comforting. Love it"
– James (Body in Mind member) Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 3:33:26
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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn - video chat

Wow, that was a long flight. The lines at the airport, the struggle to find a taxi. Being a strange city, jetlagged, a little uncertain, and yet another hotel. The shoot tomorrow is what time? Is this the right floor? My eyes feel like they've got sand in them. It'll be so nice to have a hot shower and curl up in bed. But...these hotel rooms are so lonely, the unfamiliar bed and the stiffly starched sheets, the deafening silence. Wait, I've got a text message. Oh, you cheeky thing...you want me to video chat with you? Well let me think, what might you like to see...? More...

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