Think beautiful - beauty is good

Naked for a living

There is a huge difference between nude models who do it to pay for school, to attract - or gain their freedom from - a boyfriend, or to temporarily make a living, and those who do it as their profession. Girls who do it just for money never seem to do it very long, or very well. They might be stunningly gorgeous, but after a few short seasons of posing they disappear, usually to our dismay. It never clicks in their brains that posing nude might actually be a good thing, better than any one thing it might buy. But career models do click with it. At some point they realize that their beauty is the best thing that will ever happen to them and they go with it. Of course some girls have more brains than beauty and it's right they should do something else. But we are glad that in America and the UK at least, there are still beautiful women who pose nude for a living and believe it's a good thing. They will always have a special place on Body in Mind. More...

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