"lovely smile Lycia is a nice addition t bim"
– Pete (Body in Mind member) Fri, Aug 25, 2017 at 18:05:37
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Lycia, smile

We often preach about female beauty here on BiM using terms like perfect, glowing, moral. The awesome power of female beauty is characterised by the range of emotions that it can express. There is a time for confidence. There is a time for sexiness. There is a time for teasing. There is also a time for fragility and reflection. But in this range of emotions and moods, which do we find the most inspirational? It is fun, laughter, happiness. Lycia is a naturally beautiful woman in her late teens. She has been modelling for only six months. Many new models are rarely found in a smiley mood, and this is not because they are not happy, but more they are influenced by the pouty selfie culture as well as the widespread misconception that being naked is somehow shameful. Society's expectations have much to answer for in the styles of poses and faces that models throw by default. So we try to think differently, to think beautiful. This set was a tremendous joy to make and edit & it's obvious why. I said just relax, have some fun, be yourself, be happy, and smile! The rest is pure Lycia. I dare you to look at these pics without smiling like crazy too. - J.W. Aug 23/17 More...

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