"Amazon is amazing! The video is a work of art, and so is Nikkala Stott. Hope there will be many more of these Beauty Videos in the future." - Michael E. (Body in Mind member)


Amazon - Nikkala Stott in the world's very first 'beauty video'

Have you ever wondered who's the most beautiful woman in the world? We have. And to answer that question, we've created Amazon, the first ever beauty video starring Body in Mind super beauty Nikkala Stott. In spite of an amazing 6 year career as a top model, this is Nikkala's first speaking role in any film - finally we get to see and hear Nikkala - as she describes for us - and role plays - the many of the modern manifestations of the greatest beauty of all, the Amazon. More...

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"Nikkala is, physically, the ideal choice of girl to do this. Nikkala's height and classy facial looks give her "Godess" qualities." - Simply-Gorgeous.com

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