"really nice set! yasmine is absolutely stunning. wholesome looking but sensual and sexual at the same time..."
– tmvu13 (Body in Mind member) Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 7:08:50
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Cute as a kitten

Sex kitten. Where did that term come from? Is there anything less sexual than a furry little bundle of fluff, meowing and purring and swatting at toy mice? Somewhere along the line, the idea of a sexy, almost lascivious woman became connected with kittens and the image stuck. Well, we at Body in Mind love to tear down stereotypes, especially ones aimed at debasing beautiful women or reducing them to nothing more than one-dimensional sexual objects. So in this photo series of Yasmine, we decided to mix two things you almost never see together - wholesomeness and nudity. Kittens and a beautiful nude woman. We don't want to just dismantle the stereotype of the 'sex kitten', we want to take it a step further. We want to show that's it's possible for something sweet and wholesome and good to mix easily with a beautiful woman, that it doesn't have to be either/or. We want our viewers to forget about the sexual innuendo and focus instead on how charming and delightfully heartwarming beauty can be. More...

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