"That said, like the title of this gallery, "Shy" girls seem more sexy."
– Mark (Body in Mind member) Sat, Aug 14, 2010 at 11:49:53
Think beautiful - bodyinmind.com beauty is good

Shy is beautiful too

When you see as many lovely nude ladies as we do, it's easy to forget that posing nude is a big step for a model. We're all raised with a certain amount of modesty, and even the most beautiful girls in the world can feel a little trepidation at taking off their clothes for the camera. Maybe they're beginner models who aren't used to posing for the camera, let alone nude. Maybe they're not sure what the photographer wants them to do. And maybe, like most of us, they feel a little self-conscious about seeing themselves on film. So we are eternally grateful for women like Valentine who overcome whatever shyness they might feel and decide to share their unadorned beauty with us anyway. Valentine and women like her probably don't know how profound a gift they're giving the world with the simple act of slipping out of their clothes - but we do. And we're not shy about saying so. More...

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