"Rhian show both "feet" and not only the left one! The tattoo on your right foot is gorgeous. Such cute feet should not be hidden in white pumps futher..."
– Chris (Body in Mind member) Sat, Jan 21, 2012 at 22:00:56
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Rhian Sugden: artist's model

A snicker or sneer is likely what you will get. Mention nudity to anybody these days and see. As a civilization we seem to have completely lost the concept of nudity being something artistic. In fact, there was a time during the renaissance that art wasn't taken seriously unless its subject included the human nude. Whenever you see a nude human figure adorning an old post office, train station, or church you are looking at the remnants of that idea. You also see it in the topless models adorning page 3 of British tabloid newspapers. Sneer and snicker if you like, but page 3 actually represents respected public nudity. How else could its models go on in their careers to become presenters, newspeople or perhaps even politicians. Page 3 is a still-living cultural achievement not found anywhere else in the modern world, unmatched in all of human history. More...

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