"Hi Alain, we didn't make this gallery. It's from our friends at P4E. And it's not jpg compression. It's a skin smoothing filter. We don't use those on BiM. Thanks for the feedback though! "
– SCOTTtheWEBMASTER (Body in Mind member) Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 2:38:28
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The big tease

We love a good strip tease. Who doesn't? Yet for some reason it's hard to find online. Maybe because there's more interest in straight out porn. But there's no denying a certain men's kind of romance and sense of fun in strip tease that doesn't exist in porn. And strip tease IS becoming more popular, and more common online. These things come in waves I suppose but tease and camp are hot right now, so we thought we'd throw some of the best we've found at you, from our friends at Pretty4Ever.com. The model is the delightful Maya, or as they call her Izolda. But she can't hide that body no matter what name she uses. Or rather, she can. That's what makes strip tease so wonderful. It's a gift with a smile. And who doesn't love that? More...

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