"Klaudia you can sit on my Kitchen table please."
– Gezzmo (Body in Mind member) Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 19:12:11
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How long?

How long can you stand to be around a beautiful nude woman? We all assume it would be heaven to have a gorgeous nude girl like Klaudia around all the time. But if you really think about it, or if you have been lucky enough to actually find yourself in such a situation, then you might realize it's not so easy. Most men experience a sexual reaction to a beautiful girl, and this can be awkward if that girl is not your lover. And it gets even more difficult if that girl is as beautiful as Klaudia. But one thing we have learned from being in such a situation many times, is that the longer you can sustain the enjoyment of a beautiful nude woman without reacting sexually, the more poingnant and powerful her beauty becomes. In fact, it's possible to get sort of 'drunk' on it, to experience a state of rare rapture, of tantric exctasy, a state even more enjoyable, physically and mentally, than sex. And it lasts much longer. You will feel enlightened, energized, inspired and free. In this way, beauty really is more powerful than sex. More...

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