"What a wonderful fuller figure she has. The photography is excellent. This reminds me of classic glamour nude work from the 70's."
– Charlie (Body in Mind member) Tue, May 27, 2014 at 8:07:39
Think beautiful - bodyinmind.com beauty is good

Living nude sculpture

We don't show a lot of gynaecological detail in our photos on bodyinmind.com because we are not a porn site. Our purpose is to use female beauty to inspire men to pursue objective values in life. Thus we focus on objective beauty, not sex. A lady's breasts are objectively beautiful. Whereas between her legs? Well, we've found that guys who are a little too interested in "crotch shots" are the ones who don't have girlfriends. They might see beauty in them since attraction to genitalia is a substitute for a real girlfriend, but obsession on a part at the expense of the whole is not healthy and is not conducive to relationships. Where breasts are meant by nature to attract men to a real woman, vaginas are meant to attract men to sex. Both body parts serve their function extremely well, but artistically we prefer photos of whole women with beautiful breasts over the crotch close-ups you can see elsewhere because the beauty of breasts tends to inspire men to go out and get a girlfriend rather than use porn. More...

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