July 9, 2002 - What exactly is our philosophy of female beauty?

I received an extremely critical email the other day. I'm printing my answer to it here today because I get emails like this all the time, and I suppose they are right in one respect, and that is, I have not made my philosophy of female beauty as explicit as it could be. So here, then, is the question, and the answer:

> From: "Krіstоff Klіbеrhаυs" 
> Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 22:15:25 -0500
> To: 
> Subject: Philosophy of female Beauty?
> What is exactly your Philosophy?   You say that 
> the female body is such a wonderful and beautiful 
> thing to behold, yet you portray all of the women 
> in your site as subject to your twisted pubescent 
> sexuality.......Women come in many beautiful 
> shapes and styles, not just big breast and spread 
> legs. women do have this uncanny ability to cure 
> the world of many different ailments, with their 
> looks or their personalities. Your pictures do not 
> portray women as this beautifully wonderful keeper 
> on men's souls......I can't believe that you see 
> this.......if you are truly an artist then show it 
> to me.  it is obvious that you have some talent 
> with pencil and paper, but you do not capture the 
> true beauty of a woman..... I say this to you 
> because as my wife was looking through different 
> sites, even she notice a difference between your 
> idea of women and the idea of others.......Take 
> for instance an artist by the name of Michael 
> Parkes.....look at his drawings.....there are all 
> kinds of women in his work, and all are 
> beautiful......Stеvеn Hаnks, another person who 
> I believe has caught the true essence of women's 
> beauty......My wife even says that the work you do 
> is good, but.....send it to other medias such as 
> porn magazines.  Because I truly dislike people 
> that photograph or draw nude models and say they 
> are creating art when in all actuality they are 
> justifying there own sexual desires...because that 
> is what you have done with your drawings and 
> attached article.......one more thing......your 
> photographs need some work.....mainly the lighting 
> of your subjects....I am not saying this to spout 
> off or be rude...I am just a concerned art lover 
> and critic....think of this as ...well.....
> helpful criticism.
> Krіstоff Klіbеrhаυs

Mr. Kliberhaus,

I don't normally respond to emails which leave off the opening salutation for what can only be hostile reasons, but in this case I will make an exception because I'd like to answer, and for no other reason.

My philosophy of female beauty is evident in every page I write. Obviously you've read very little of it. So for my sake and not yours I will tell you very succinctly what my philosophy is in relation to female beauty.

The science of Philosophy consists of several sub branches: metaphysics, epistomology, ethics, politics, and aesthetics. Here then is where beauty fits in:

Metaphysics: Female beauty is real. It is not a myth or a delusion as we are so often told today.

Epistomology: Female beauty can be perceived by everyone, regardless of their social or genetic 'programming'. It is an objective phenomenon and can be studied and understood as such.

Ethics and Aesthetics: Female beauty is the representation in a woman of one's highest values and deepest premises. If a woman appears to possess or represent these things to us we will find her beautiful.

Politics: Female beauty is a valuable talent and beautiful women are human beings like any other and BOTH should be respected and protected as such, instead of condemned to degradation or even to death, as they are today throughout much of the world.

That is my Philosophy of Fеmаlе Bеаυty.

As for my drawings and writing being used to justify my sexual desires, I do not have to justify my sexual desires to you or anyone else, but if you must know my sexual desires are for my wife, alone. I draw women only to create beauty. I choose to depict women with big breasts because that is part of objective female beauty. I embue all of my women with as many values as I can think of, including physical things like height, long hair, curvaceous bodies, but also including spiritual qualities like happiness, confidence, love of oneself, of the world and of life, and freedom. These spiritual qualities explain the poses of the women I draw.

As for the lighting in my photos, everything in them is intentional, which makes them art. You will notice that the women I photograph are not the same as the women I draw. This is because it is not necessary for a woman to possess all objectively beautiful qualities in order to possess many. Such as they do possess are sufficient to make them beautiful.

As for your criticisms, let me state that "I truly dislike" people who try to pass off boorish and close-minded insults as scholarly criticisms.

Good day.


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