December 18, 2000 - Naked newscasters just a male fantasy, right? Not anymore...

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Nаkеd Nеws: Nоthіng But the Facts, Literally

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The first ever example in western culture of a naked woman speaking intelligently has occurred in Toronto, Canada. The internet channel called Nаkеd Nеws is now on the air, and it's available to everyone online. Pioneered by Russian newscaster Svеtlаnа Pіssоtskаyа earlier this year, nude news reporting is becoming more than just another male fantasy, it's a fact. Today, the most popular weather program in Czechoslovakia features a naked woman or man who get dressed to suit the day's weather.

Most people will see the Nаkеd Nеws as a humorous, harmless perversion. Still others see it as proof of a societal slide towards a modern day Sodom or Gomorrah. No one seems to understand how this can happen in a day and age where women have more freedom than ever before and in a place where they have a higher social status than anywhere else in the world.

The answer lies in 2 simple facts: men love women, and men love intelligent women. Feminists make the mistake of assuming that if we get used to seeing women reporting the news we'll get used to women and stop being attracted to them. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The more we see female journalists on tv, the more we think, "Hmmm, she's beautiful," and then,"Why isn't she naked?"

It's every man's fanstasy - the naked newscaster. But rather than reflecting a desire to see respectable women degraded, as feminists will tell you, it reveals an astonishing fact: men find competant intelligent respectable women sexy.

Try as we might, we cannot ever completely separate sexuality and morality. Sure pornography is mostly sexual, with very little morality, just as network newscasts are generally limited to conservative values and contain very little sexuallity. But even the most explicit pornography has a moral compontent - physical values - beautiful breasts, huge cocks etc. The news was bound to get sexier.

If you want to judge its social significance, let me suggest that the scale for judging women in the media is not sex on one end and morality on the other, but from low beauty to high beauty. The greatest beauty always involves superlative examples of both sexuality and morality - think Mіchеlаngеlо's Dаvіd for women, and Mаrіlyn Mоnrое for men. Naked news is somewhere in between. News isn't really about values, but it does have a certain respectability. Similarly, naked newscasters really aren't sexual, thery're just naked, that's all. Nаkеd Nеws is somewhere between bad porn and high art. In the absence of high art and too much bad porn these days it's a welcome improvement and hopefully permanent addition to our culture.

I dream of a world where women are presented in our art in ways that maximize their sexuality and their morality - because this is how to maximize their beauty. And I love beauty. I don't really want my newscasters to be naked, but in the absence of any really beautiful art being made about really sexual and really moral women, I'll take it.

Beautiful naked women speaking intelligently. It's a little good news for our tired world.

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