August 9, 2007

Capitalism saves beautiful women

There are only two types of political/economic systems that have ever been used in the world: collectivism, and capitalism. Collectivism is by far the popular favourite, and has been since mankind's birth. But it is a peculiar characteristic of collectivist societies that beautiful women have never been welcome in them, and indeed, are usually exterminated. The little known reality is that it is only capitalism that makes nude photos of beautiful women possible.

If you doubt it, consider the exact nature of these two systems.

Capitalism is the political/economic system based on the idea that each man or woman is unique and important - an end in himself or herself; that each has the inalienable right to pursue their goals and dreams without being stopped by the force of others; that each has the right to exist for his or her own sake, and needs no other justification for their actions or existence. Capitalism is also based on the principle that each person must be free to think and act as he decides is best, and must be free to own the product of their judgment and/or effort. It prescibes that the only way to preserve the rights of each is for individuals to interact with each other voluntarily; and that the only way to exchange goods and services is by voluntary trade. Capitalism says we can trade sheep for sheep, sheep for money, or money for sheep, since both sheep (or any material value or service) and money represent a man or woman's work and effort. Under a true capitalism system, everyone decides for themself what value the work, product, or services of another has to them personally, and trades for it accordingly; each is free to trade each to his own personal advantage or to opt out of any trade they don't like. And under any political implementation of capitalism, no one, no matter how great their numbers - not even the government - can use force to prevent or restrict any voluntary action, most especially including trade. In fact, under capitalism, the government exists only to prevent anyone from using force to interfere with trade, whether they are its citizens or foreigh threats.

There has never been a complete political implementation of capitalism in the world. Thе Unіtеd States of America, as originally conceived by its founders, is the closest the world has come. But there are today so many collectivist elements entrenched in the U.S. system that is can hardly be considered truly capitalistic.

Collectivsm is the political/economic system based on the idea that each man or woman is the fodder of every other, that each man or woman is the means and ends of the others, and may be used or disposed of in any manner the others decide, that any group no matter how small has the right to dictate the actions of any individual, and that the government or ruler has the right to dispose of any individual's life and property any way it sees fit. Collectivism has been implemented in every civilization since the beginning of man. The names it has been given range from Marxism and Communism on the left, to Monarchy and Fascism on the right. The trademark of any collectivist society is the call for 'sacrifice'. And a collectivist government is there to make sure you do.



When you put in a week's hard work and your employer hands you a paycheck - that is voluntary trade to mutual benefit - that is capitalism. When the government takes half of it to give to others, that is collectivism. When you spend your money on a diamond ring for your lover, that is capitalism. When you put in a week's service to the local charity without pay because it's required by your job/school/government, that is collectivism. When you carry your bride over the threshold of your new home, that is capitalism. When the government takes your home to give to the local developer, that is collectivism. When you achieve with hard work, intelligence and perserverence all your goals in life, that is capitalism. When all you experience is frustration and injustice, that is the sign of collectivism.

To truly understand collectivism and capitalism and their connection to beautiful women, it's important to realize that they are not any one political movement or other but rather they are a way of looking at human beings and the actions we take in response to that view: capitalism sees us as basically good - the highest achieving creatures in the known universe; collectivism sees us as basically bad - 'a virus or plague on the earth'. To picture capitalism in action imagine a world where everyone is smiling and enjoying their freedom and soaring standard of living; where reaching one's personal goals, hopes and dreams is possible and the road to achieving them wide open; where the government is your gentle grandfather watching out for you on your way to your first day of school, always hoping the best for you and stopping those who would try to hurt you.


To picture collectivism, imagine a tribe of cannibals that has run out of victims and has taken to consuming each other instead. It is this vision that moves amateur celebrity collectivist politicians like Sеаn Pеnn to tears, not tears of horror, but of admiration - the vision of a swarm of leeches all sucking each other to death. In this picture, a collectivist government is like some kind of demented babysitter who is there when you awake from a nightmare only to drug you back to sleep so the terror can continue.

But ask yourself, how long can a tribe of cannibals survive? Collectivists avoid having to answer this question by pretending that if the tribe is big enough - the whole world - then it can last forever. But capitalists know that the only sustainable way to treat each other is with consumate respect for each other's freedom.


One of the saddest truths about collectivist societies is that they target first for extermination the happiest, most free, most noticeable individuals in our vision - the beautiful women. This is true historically right to today, from virgin sacrifices by native American tribes right through the Salem witch hunts and Spаnіsh Inqυіsіtіоn in the late middle ages, to the laws passed against beautiful women by feminist politicians today. (If one uses as one's gauge of human intentions what people do rather than what they say, one will see that modern feminism's only real purpose is to attack female beauty and to destroy beautiful women's lives. Feminism is basically a collectivist movement - a collective of women.)

Collectivists of any kind can't stand beautiful women precisely because they so prettily and naturally represent the best in us. Collectivism is premised on the supposed evil of mankind, and the pure unadulterated good of female beauty very visibly contradicts that. But instead of changing their view of mankind, collectivists seek to change mankind's view of beauty. Otherwise they'd have to change everything they themselves think, want, and work for.


Therefore it is always collectivists who preach the subjective nature of beauty, the shallowness of it, the sin of it - the religious fundamentalists, the feminists, the American liberals, etc. Just as it is always the capitalists who appreciate female beauty, support it, admire it and defend it (Dоnаld Trυmp is one quick example). It is only in capitalistic countries that women have ever been revered in art and culture, such as during the French revolution, and today in American pop culture or the British tabloid newspapers and magazines. Not even the ancient Greeks, who made the first principled political experiments in freedom and who counted women among their many gods, admired women and their beauty as much as the most free people do today.

Female beauty, as we've said many times, is the representation of values. Values are what make life not only possible but worth living, and they are only possible in a capitalistic society. Health, wealth, freedom, happiness, beauty, truth, justice. If you love these things then you love beautiful women. But if you love beautiful women then you must remove all traces of collectivism from your politics. If you remain a collectivist your political actions will destroy beautiful women no matter how ernestly you feel that you love them.

You cannot have both female beauty and collectivism. No society ever has. Capitalism is the only political/economic system where female beauty can thrive.

by D.Bell

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