April 15, 2001 - What does Brіtnеy Spеаrs have to do with semiconductors?

Brіtnеy Spеаrs Guide to Sеmіcоndυctоr Physіcs

Brіtnеy Spеаrs Guide to Sеmіcоndυctоr Physіcs

A long time ago I undertook the task of proving mathematically that the center of a spinning wheel did not spin, after all, anyone who remembers record albums and turtables knows that points on the outer edge of a record album moves faster than points closer in. I eventually gave up. Seems I didn't remember enough of my high school geometry and algebra to pull it off. I'm afraid the subject had never interested me very much.

I started to think then that it was too bad there were not better textbooks to teach young men the basics of advanced mathematics. For example, a textbook on geometry could be illustrated with images of beautiful naked women posed in classic nude positions carefully orchestrated to convey the subleties of the different kinds of geometric angles etc. I abandonned hope of such a textbook ever existing.

Imagine, then, how pleasantly surprised I was to learn that some guy had created a Brіtnеy Spеаrs fans site that was purportedly using pictures of Britney to teach semiconductor physics. You can check it out yourself at http://www.britneyspears.ac/lasers.htm.

Apparently, I am not alone. A great many others respond with equal fascination and pleasure at this seemingly peculiar mixture. The site was featured in Maxim, Gear, and on Bomis - a website promoter's dream - all by putting a few mathematical symbols beside a picture of Britney spears.

Is it alchemy? No. It's advanced beauty physics. The fellow who created the site knows the value of mixing sexuality with one's highest values - with moral values like, in this case, intelligence, science and engineering, though the same is true in any case, whatever your highest values might be. As I'vе said many times on this site, female beauty is always a mixture of sexuality and morality.

Can one learn semiconductor physics from Brіtnеy Spеаrs? Why not? Nothing conducts female beauty better than an alloy made from equal parts of sexuality and morality. And nothing creates greater beauty than running a current of morality through one's sexual fantasies.

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